Weaving our Dreams


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We are a mother-daughter team of weavers and crafters, tucked away in the Pacific Northwest where the juxtaposition of dull gray and brilliant color fuels the imagination for summer dyeing adventures. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you're in need of someone to teach dyeing or Latvian weaving techniques.

Currently working on...

Color experimentation and natural dyeing

One half is learning to spin each of the 80-plus yarn designs in Sarah Anderson’s Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. Can be found covered in color, dyeing yarn on her back deck during the summer.

The other half of the mother-daughter team seeks inspiration in shapes and is usually out adventuring in the world. Is also one year into her first pair of mittens.

For nature lovers

Using natural and foraged local materials

The weather can be uncertain in the Pacific Northwest, and in Latvia, but with the rains come an abundance of natural dyeing elements--from mushrooms to flowers--that can be used to produce gorgeous color. Join us on our journey this year for tips, tricks, and mishaps along the way!