Books on Latvian and Baltic Weaving

While there is an amazing and in-depth world of Latvian weaving out there, books in English on Latvian and Baltic weaving can be a challenge to find. To help, we've compiled a few of our favorites.

Jane Evans' book presents historic Latvian household textiles along with contemporary projects that adapt traditional weave structures to the creation of linens, coverlets, and rugs.

This useful handbook of Latvian weaving techniques covers all basic weave types such as plain weave, twill and satin weave, textured weaves and combination weaves. Its aim is to present as many Latvian designs as possible using between four and eight shafts.


This book offers a combination of beautiful and intricate garment designs, a substantial section on techniques that you won't find elsewhere, and a collection of Latvian weaving patterns in charted form. 

This tutorial contains: 
- an instruction for Baltic Style Weaving
- patterns for 7, 15, 19 and 23 pattern threads

Book of band patterns, originally published in Estonian, is now available in English translation -- and it even includes a bonus four additional bands. The pictures and printing are of extremely high quality. Each of the over 200 intricately patterned antique bands is accompanied by a clear multicolored draft of the pattern that matches the pattern colors of the band itself.

This book combines 11 years of research and two trips to Lithuania with teaching and writing experience to inspire you and to guide you. It is written and designed for artists, photographers, social and cultural historians, needleworkers, knitters, spinners, weavers and folk art aficionados, as well as for those of Lithuanian ancestry who want a glimpse of how an outsider views their textile heritage.